For all of us who tend to stay stuck in our own little corner of the world...this book is a real eye opener. My friend and colleague Chip Huber thought that he was bringing life changing blessings to Zambians only to find that God was using the Zambians to stretch his faith and change his life! This book reminds us in a riveting way of the reasons that God has called us to live beyond the boundaries of ourselves and our familiar surroundings! A must read!

Dr. Joe Stowell
President of Cornerstone University (MI)

A powerful testimony! Chip Huber is willing to allow Jesus to mess up his own life in order to transform the lives of others. The world needs more Chip Hubers.

Rich Stearns
President of World Vision US and author of The Hole in Our Gospel

The students of Wheaton Academy are rock stars to hundreds of kids around the world! Chip Huber's passion for leadership development transformed young leaders in Kakolo, Zambia, West Chicago, Illinois, and wherever their story has been told. He did so by bringing communities together to build relationships and to play soccer. And in the meantime, they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, built schools, and provided food for the hungry and water to the thirsty. Children all over the globe now say "Just do it"!

Mike Mantel
President & CEO of Living Water International

In a lifetime, few will have a chance to witness a revolution of change. I did not realize that's what I was witnessing when I first spoke to the students at Wheaton Academy in 2003. The power to make a difference lies within us all, and you will find in this book where there was suffering, beauty and true love did prevail. Hope wins.

Princess Kasune Zulu

World renowned HIV and AIDS advocate, author of Warrior Princess, and Founder of Fountain of Life nonprofit organization

Chip's book is a kaleidoscope of testimonies and insights into the power of God unleashed through our 21st century young people. This book will be a real encouragement to students and the leaders that work with them.

Dr. Gene Frost
Head of School, Wheaton Academy (IL)

Everywhere I go these days, people are talking about reciprocal, long-term relationships between North American Christians and Christians in the developing world. But Chip Huber has actually done it...and he keeps doing it. This book is the perfect way to chronicle his many years of facilitating true partnership between Midwest students and a Zambian community.

Dr. David Livermore

President of the Cultural Intelligence Center and author of Serving with Eyes Wide Open and several other books on cultural intelligence and global leadership

Narratives have within them a powerful ability to stir our thinking, shape our outlook, and awaken our imaginations. The Zambia Project is a fantastic example of that reality, with gorgeous implications for youth workers, educators, parents, and development workers. When you read Chip's book, you can't help but think, "Well, clearly, God moved in that situation." But the thing is: God wants to move in and through you also.

Mark Oestreicher
Partner, The Youth Cartel

Chip Huber's Project Lead students came to me in my role as Wheaton Academy Headmaster and told me that they wanted to raise money for a World Vision Project—a schoolhouse. Thinking that their goal was "impossible," I suggested that they should pursue other more common World Vision items—a cow, a goat, or a sheep. The students insisted on a schoolhouse. I told them that I would think and pray about it. God convicted me of my lack of faith and the next day I told the students to "Go for it" . . . and gave them a check for the project. Many observers have watched the Zambia Project become one of the most exciting and well run service initiatives they have ever seen.

Dr. David L. Roth
Chief Education Officer, Christian Heritage Academy (IL)

For the past seventeen years I have watched Chip do transformational work in the lives of students. He has given his life to see students passionately pursue God and lead in His Kingdom. Through The Zambia Project you will see how student leaders were able to mobilize a community to reach the least in another continent. Chip knows what students can do, and after reading this book you will too.

Doug Franklin

President of LeaderTreks and author of The Disconnect: Bridging the Youth Pastor and Senior Pastor Gap

Chip is a role model of what it means to lead the next generation to help change the world. And The Zambia Project is the manual. Imagine if every high school, college, and church acted this way—the world would look very different.

James Pedrick & Kurt Rahn
World Vision ACT:S

The Zambia Project is a moving and wildly challenging story about what happens when a group of people are willing to be braided together and collectively captured by a daunting and urgent cause. The result for readers is something quite memorable, quite compelling, and even a bit haunting.

Josh James Riebock
Author of Heroes and Monsters and My Generation

The burden of the poor and those who are in need, the empowerment of a younger generation to lead, and the beautiful audacity of turning the world upside down for Christ all intersect in the pages of this transformative book. This book provides a simple, yet profound template for activating students to lead with significance in the 21st century. This powerful model is born out of real-life impact, both for the receivers AND the givers of critical resources and hope to the children and communities of Zambia.

Cory Scheer
Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Leadership, William Jewell College (MO)

There's a world changer that lives inside of every person just waiting to be awakened. The Zambia Project is an incredible testimony to what happens when we empower young people and connect opportunity with the deeper question of how to truly live out an authentic, real world faith.

Chuck Cichowitz
President, Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting & Adventure Company (CO)

This is a must read story. A Kingdom story, about a group of unlikely people and their leader, whose hearts were captured by what is on the heart of God and moved courageously and radically to make God's love tangible for a group of forgotten people. You will be inspired and moved as you read God's story that happened in a small high school in West Chicago, IL. This book is filled with people who have a heart to change the world and the crazy idea that God will come around people who step out in faith to join Him in what He is doing.

Jeff Klein

Teaching Pastor at Jericho Road Church, author of Q: Big Questions & voice of Walk the Way

Once, while with a group of veteran Christian school educators, the question came up, "What do you say to students who come back from an experience all charged up wanting to change the world?" Predictably one answer was, "Tell the students their only job right now is to focus on their studies." I wanted to scream "No, No, No!" Our job is to never get in the way of God's leading in anyone's heart at any age. We should pray the dreams of our children and students are outrageously and audaciously large. As you read this incredible story of changed lives, both in Africa and the U.S., don't miss what is often one of the most important ingredients in any Kingdom movement. It was pure joy to watch how God uniquely equipped the mind and shaped the heart of Chip Huber, God's chosen spiritual guide in this amazing journey, to open doors and clear paths for motivated hearts. Read and celebrate this particular story of how God filled the hearts of young people to move now and become his instrument in the lives of others in this moment in history.

Jon Keith
Principal/Chief Operating Officer, Wheaton Academy (IL)

Most of the time, I find myself thinking... there's no way a book can be as good as these endorsements say. But when it comes to this unique partnership between Wheaton Academy in Chicago and Kakolo Village in Zambia, it doesn't take long for one to realize that this is a rare and true story that will be talked about for years to come. I've heard some of the stories, seen some of the photos, and learned about the direct impact this relationship has had on thousands of people. The words on these pages will encourage and inspire you like very few can.

Joe Trost
Chicago Tribune/

Chip Huber writes with insight and passion about a fascinating account of social and spiritual change in the lives of Africans and Chicagoans alike. His story crosses through the barriers of parched classrooms into compassion-filled hearts that only the Holy Spirit can breach, getting at the heart of Biblical justice today and addressing the split between gospel words and humanitarian deeds. More than a definitive story about a relationship with a small community in Zambia, Huber shares a compelling outbreak of the Kingdom of God through a group of high school students that take Him at His word. Read this inspiring story!

Steve Ivester
Director of Student Activities, Wheaton College (IL)

In this book, Chip Huber has crafted a compelling account of what happens when the inherent potential of student leaders is matched with the great needs of our world. After personally observing the Zambia Project unfold throughout the past ten years, it is obvious to me that Chip's vision for student leadership is among the most effective models in existence. Chip's heart beats for God's people in Zambia. In the same way, the heart of this book serves as the drum beat to which leadership development programs in Christian schools and churches should consider marching to if they desire to change this world in the same way that Chip and his students have.

Matt Ridenour
Social Studies Teacher, Minnehaha Academy (MN)